Friday, November 29, 2013

It's the Holidays! Why Not Have a Sale!?!

That is just what I am doing! When you weave wire like I do, or make molded silver jewelry, or bead, or cut cabochons, or do anything related to jewelry, you know that your time is money, and it takes money to fund your "time" doing what you love.

Okay...that was a mouthful, huh? But the reality is just this: We all have a certain amount of time to work, play, and shop, earn money, and spend money. Research has shown that this year is supposed to be a banner year for online shoppers.

Did you know that 45% of online shoppers have bought something they would not have bought in person? Did you also know that 96% of people are more apt to buy on a site that offers free shipping? (

Those statistics are huge if you, like myself, are doing the majority of your sales online. Of course, you may have a website and do most of your sales elsewhere. Wouldn't you like to increase your sales online to add to your bottom line?

Let's look at some reasons customers are turning to online shopping: The cost of gas. Parking at the mall. Fighting the crowds, especially with children. Finding the right gift in the time you have to shop. And that is just a few reasons people are turning to online shopping. Do you know that 73% of shoppers do at least 1/2 of their shopping online? That's huge!

Here are some more stats to digest. There is a shopping cart (at the store) abandonment rate of 65%!!! The average order for an online buy is over $118!! 79% of people would rather get free shipping than a discount. 62% rarely return items bought online!

Well, that's enough statistics. If you have a website, ramp it up and email your customers and post it all over your social media site. It's time to get serious about sales. So...I will start by having my own...


at ggChambers designs

I have lowered prices by 20% or more on most items, and I'm adding sale items every day just for your Holiday Shopping!

Free Shipping, too, that used to be contingent on a sale of $50 or more. But I am lowering that today to $0 required. That means everyone will get free shipping no matter what you order!

No restocking fees if you return an item. (Does not apply to custom orders) 

New Shopping category: Jewelry Sets

So what are you waiting for???

ggChambers designs

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Some Time Later, The Copper Test, and Life Happens

Well, I promised an edition yesterday, and like the title says..."Life Happens" and so it did. You are getting the latest and greatest today instead.

I was walking around the porch Thursday and noticed I had left the copper testing coils outside. I thought you might be interested in some results to date on our sealers. I was.

This picture really doesn't do the results justice. The top row is your unpolished and Maas results from weeks ago. In real life they all have a nice "brown" patina. To some of you, this might be totally unacceptable. To others who might like browns, this might be just fine.

The bottom row is, of course, the coils with one coat of ProtectaClear, again ranking the shiniest and most untouched by weather. Bottom row on the right is the Ren Wax, which actually fared a little better than those on the top. This was a pleasant surprise to me, as it has been warm and humid down here in lower Florida. No, that wasn't a dig to those of you that live in the snow belt. Just the facts, Ma'am, just the facts.

Undoubtedly some of you may have already purchased or used some of these products yourself. What you probably found was that the Maas really does shine up nice. The Ren Wax may have dulled a little, but with another coat, polishes up just fine. The ProtectaClear is still going strong, but has made your item a little "stiff."

The makeup of this product will make your woven wire and wire wrapped items more firm, for lack of a better word. I know it does my woven wire bracelets. Without the sealer, some thinner banded items had a certain amount of flexibility as you tried to twist it back and forth. The addition of the ProtectaClear eliminates some of that play. For me, this is a good thing and doesn't bother me.

If, however, you apply it to chain or dangle earrings, you will have to work them a little to loosen them up again. And this is only after the item has had enough time to cure. Check the Everbrite website for more information on that.

Again, I am not necessarily promoting this product or being abnormally contradictive about the other products. But I want you to have good and thorough information as you use these products for the first time. At least you might know a little about what to expect when you do your own applications.

I hope you all have a really great weekend.  I'll be writing more soon. In the meantime, remember to Stay Wired Up!