Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to Marketing that New Business of Yours

Starting a new business can be very discouraging, especially if you are counting on a website to make money for you. I've been reading some comments of Facebook in the Storevnvy Forum page, and it makes me so sad to see so many business or website owners so unhappy with the sales they are making, or rather not making. And I totally understand.

I have had my Storenvy website for what seems like forever, not quite a year, anyway. I just checked and have had no sales, but I am not going to complain and not because I don't need the money! I'm not going to because I know that it takes time to build an Internet following. It takes time to get your name out there. It takes time for people to find you.

There are millions and millions of websites out there on the Web, and many are owned by people like you and me, people that are hoping to supplement their income or to start an income.

One of the most unfortunate things going on with relation to Internet businesses are those peeps that take advantage of those of us that are just trying to get our little businesses up and running. I can speak to this first hand, as I was contacted by an Internet marketing group who convinced me to spend well over $15,000 with them to get my business up and out there.

Six months elapsed, promises that were made had failed, and my retirement was gone. I wanted answers from this group and all I got was that is was somehow my fault. That I didn't stick to the program or put enough time in. Any of you that know me, know that when I start something, I am both feet in. That wasn't what happened at all. They took my money and turned their back on me.

Long story short, don't fall for the "marketing lines" from those anonymous callers, even if they have a legitimate business. Do the marketing yourself.

I've written a few articles on this before, but want to reiterate...YOU have to get your name out there. YOU have to advertise your own business is a way you can afford, whether it's spending $5 a month to boost a post on Facebook or investing in Google Analytics. YOU have to get out there on other social sites like Twitter, Instagram, Stumbleupon, Google+, to name just a few. There are tons out there. Join clubs and other types of groups online that relate to what you do.

My point is...DON'T give up. If you are sincere about what you do, don't give up! And unfortunately, you have to be patient, patient, patient. Nothing that's good comes without hard work and patience.

Remember, just because someone visits your site once, doesn't mean they are going to buy. If they like what you do, they will come back time and time again before they buy. Why?

First of all, they want to make sure you aren't a flash in the pan. That you will be there when they need you, if they need you for another item, exchange, or repair. Most people that shop the web are very web savvy anymore and will not take a chance on being taken advantage of or buying from someone that won't be in business in another month or two. Internet shoppers want good service.

Secondly, online shoppers have a ton of stuff to look at anymore. If you aren't marketing your business in some form or another, they aren't going to find you on the Internet, not with the millions of other sites out there that are competing with you for the same dollars. You have to market and you have to be patient.

I'm not writing this to hammer any you over the head. I don't want to make you throw your hands in the air and quit. What I really want to do is make you take a realistic view of your online business and do what it takes with determination. Open your mind. You are all smart people.

There are tons of free marketing articles out there for you to read and books, as well. You will have to weed through all the sites that want your money but check out the blog arena. Most people who blog do it because they genuinely want to help others. Get started now, and don't give up.

I'm only using Storenvy as an example because some of you were talking about Storenvy starting to charge a fee. If Storenvy starts to charge a fee for sales, that can be a good thing...especially if it goes to market your stores. You can keep an eye on them. It's your business, it's your prerogative. If after six to 12 months, you don't see them doing any advertising like they said, then try some more marketing of your own. And of course, their marketing efforts should not take the place of your marketing efforts! They are a new business, too. It can take at least a year to get any business going, if not two to three. That's where your patience comes in.

I have three websites and am on a myriad of social sites and have had this business for just a little over a year. My website sales are very slow, but I keep all my sites up and running because it keeps me in front of the public. It lets them know I am in it for the long run. I post on all the sites, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more, and if I can do and still make product, so can you!

Look at it this's a great time to teach those kids and husband or wife how to help out with your chores while you are on the computer!

Enough for today...Get that business going! and Stay Wired Up!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back Online and Researching Those Illusive Copper Sealers

Hey, everyone! Thank you so much for your patience! As some you know, I recently moved and the movers just brought the rest of our boxes (all 70 of them) last Friday. So...I have been frantically unpacking, but...I am back and working hard.

Just to let you know what's on the horizon, I'm going to be writing on copper, it's makeup, and why we have such a hard time keeping that dog gone tarnish at bay. I will also be discussing more sealers and showing you example of the different types and how they work.

If you remember from past posts, I reviewed Everbrite's ProtectaClear. Since my last post on that subject, I have accumulated more data you might find interesting, especially if you work with copper. Most of it will be pertinent to those of you that work with wire. The results may be a little different for those that work with flat metals and metals other than copper. Copper is my metal of choice to blog about now because it seems to be the one we can all afford to work with, and it seems to have different problems than silver or gold.

I will be reviewing Renaissance Wax, Maas Wax products, Carnuba Wax, and other car or boat waxes. Reviews will also be done on sealers like polyurethanes and other manufactured products. As I said, some results will vary if you are making your items from copper sheeting, but hopefully, if this is the case, you will still find the information helpful.

Please be assured, I am going to be learning as I am teaching, as well. The reviews I will be providing will, in no means, provide the perfect answers you might be looking for. My intent is to provide you with enough information that you can make an informed decision for yourself in relation to the products you are making and the products you will choose to finish or seal your items with.

There will, of course, always be other factors that will relate to the results I may find, like humidity level of your workspace, for example. In the picture you see two unfinished pieces, both made of the same wire, both made in an air conditioned area, kept in that same area, but made two days apart. Hence the reason I want to do the comparisons!

The one on the left was made two days ago. The other I worked on last night. The rate copper oxidizes can truly be frustrating, just like making sure it keeps its color once we give it patina.

So...stay tuned. There's more, and real soon! Take care...and Stay Wired UP!