Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back Online and Researching Those Illusive Copper Sealers

Hey, everyone! Thank you so much for your patience! As some you know, I recently moved and the movers just brought the rest of our boxes (all 70 of them) last Friday. So...I have been frantically unpacking, but...I am back and working hard.

Just to let you know what's on the horizon, I'm going to be writing on copper, it's makeup, and why we have such a hard time keeping that dog gone tarnish at bay. I will also be discussing more sealers and showing you example of the different types and how they work.

If you remember from past posts, I reviewed Everbrite's ProtectaClear. Since my last post on that subject, I have accumulated more data you might find interesting, especially if you work with copper. Most of it will be pertinent to those of you that work with wire. The results may be a little different for those that work with flat metals and metals other than copper. Copper is my metal of choice to blog about now because it seems to be the one we can all afford to work with, and it seems to have different problems than silver or gold.

I will be reviewing Renaissance Wax, Maas Wax products, Carnuba Wax, and other car or boat waxes. Reviews will also be done on sealers like polyurethanes and other manufactured products. As I said, some results will vary if you are making your items from copper sheeting, but hopefully, if this is the case, you will still find the information helpful.

Please be assured, I am going to be learning as I am teaching, as well. The reviews I will be providing will, in no means, provide the perfect answers you might be looking for. My intent is to provide you with enough information that you can make an informed decision for yourself in relation to the products you are making and the products you will choose to finish or seal your items with.

There will, of course, always be other factors that will relate to the results I may find, like humidity level of your workspace, for example. In the picture you see two unfinished pieces, both made of the same wire, both made in an air conditioned area, kept in that same area, but made two days apart. Hence the reason I want to do the comparisons!

The one on the left was made two days ago. The other I worked on last night. The rate copper oxidizes can truly be frustrating, just like making sure it keeps its color once we give it patina.

So...stay tuned. There's more, and real soon! Take care...and Stay Wired UP!

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  1. Hi, I work with all kinds of metals and have been very happy with Permalac. I was introduced to it by an artist that works mainly with copper and has used it quite a while. I haven't had any problems with it and the finish is beautiful!
    ~Linda Marino