Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Taking a Vacation Can Be...

Since I've been gone for a while, I think it only fair to tell you that not only have I been on vacation, so has my computer. The day before I left for vacation, my computer decided to take a trip of its own. Much to my dismay, Gamer (her nickname) went by way of Tennessee to the technical hospital, while I headed to South Padre Island. Parting was such sweet sorrow...but I managed to get a new tablet out of the deal.

When you manage at least three websites, a slew of email accounts, and various and sundry social media sites, you cannot afford to be without Internet for long. One day amounts to withdrawal, two days brings misery, but three days or longer can mean a possible disaster for a small business woman like myself. Mostly I just had withdrawal, until I figured out how to use the tablet. Even then, it wasn't the same. Darned learning curve!!

Having the need to connect to the outside world is an evil we business people must deal with. And really, it isn't an evil because it allows us to be in places and touch people we would not ordinarily be able to. We can provide the products we love to make to the entire world via the Internet. We can teach what we do to others without even meeting them personally. We can expand on our own knowledge with a click of a mouse or a tapping of a keyboard. When you think about it, technology is quite amazing and quite helpful, if used appropriately and within the boundaries we set for ourselves.

My point is twofold. Don't be afraid to grab technology by the tail. It can be time consuming but most often it's well worth the pain and the time. Technology can bring you sales. It can help you teach others. It can help you learn. It can help you make friends among others that feel like you do or do what you do. Ok, maybe that's more than two points...not sure cause it's late.

I do know this. I missed my computer, but I missed my connection to the world more. Did it kill me? No, but I made sales while my computer and I were both on vacation. Enough said.

Stay Wire Up! Gail

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