Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just Me...

I am taking a hiatus from the Business Blogs just to chat. Today is one of those days. I'm sure you all have had them, especially if you are an artist of any sort. I have Creative Block...

My schedule is filling up, I'm trying to come up with new original designs, my hands and wrists are tormenting me, and my mind has gone a spring pool with no fish in it. What's an artist to do?

I took the curtains down to do the spring wash. I've made the bed and straightened out the workshop (well, as much as I could). I moved all my tools from the living room back into the workshop (I hate it when they all crawl out of their assigned spaces!), and I even put a little Bailey's in my coffee (I am on my third cup...not with Bailey's in it! I only had one!!!).

There are many items on my workbench that failed me and need to be taken apart, but I have a mini show in three days and a two-day show in just a little over a week! I've flipped through catalogs, looked over different websites for inspiration, walked around outside in the sunshine, and sat with my head in my hands.

I even said a little prayer. I think God is up there shaking his head at me and saying, "I've given you everything you NEED. What's the matter with you now?" Don't get me wrong, I truly believe He has a smile on His face, like a father does when encouraging a child to go play by themselves because that is what's best for them. My response? "Yeah, Dad. I know..."

And here I sit. I hope you don't mind me sharing my dismay at the lack of imagination that is currently creating havoc with my mind. I know it will pass. Perhaps writing it down as I have done will do the trick. We shall see.

I will go for now, and if inspiration bonks me on the head, I will share what came of it with all of you. You have been both patient and kind. I hear my wire calling me now...

Stay Wired Up! Gail

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